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Aug 23, 2014
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I saw this and thought it was creative. Using text in the profile photo of a Google My Business listing. What do you guys think? Creative? Or just too busy?

Text in Photo.png
I like the concept but seems too busy - maybe space it out on images; get the user to click on them to see more?
Definitely catches your eye. Is that because it is something new and not something we (Local SEO's) see often or because it worked? Either way, it's unique - and descriptive.
Good idea, but this example is a little two busy, perhaps a shorter, more "to the point" version would be better? The position of the text may also appear different on mobile / desktop so may be difficult for it to look good on both.

Yes, just checked, looks bad on mobile, needs work.
Definitely caught my eye. Make it shorter and it could have a huge impact.
I like it. I like using your logo better, IF you have a great logo. But hey I am a big believer in promoting your brand, whereas trial lawyers may not be in a market where brand matters except in the sense of "personal brands" i.e. their names.

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