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Aug 7, 2013
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This is the first time I have had this issue. How do you verify a GMB when the USPS only delivers to PO Boxes for that town. All mail, whether residential or Business goes to PO Box. The only option Google is giving me to verify is via Post card. I have sent in an email to Google, but just curious as to other options.
We have PO Boxes in my (VERY SMALL) town. If you mail something to an address it will go to the post office who will put it in the right PO box. So you can just put the business address in, and it will be delivered safely to the correct PO box without a PO Box being listed :)

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I should mention-- At least in Canada it works that way! I've never put my PO Box on anything being mailed to me. I've always recieved it :)
I did find one tactic being used in Tahoe for people having the same issue. Not sure it works..

Google My Business for Tahoe Businesses

... Google, because of your system, Tahoe locals must resort to these tactics to list their businesses. For Zip Code, I entered the city zip + the po box number, like this: 89449-5555. The post office will see that last 4 numbers and put the postcard in your box.

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Thanks Kate. You just provided reason #21 to move to Canada. Anyway, talked with USPS in that town and they said it wont even reach the town because the main USPS location will deny the mailing address.
Hi Justin,

You can call support to get verified in cases like this. A couple years ago there was a verification troubleshooter you could go through. Then they launched phone support for verification problems like this specifically and now of course there is phone support for everything. But this problem comes up quite often and they have other ways to verify.

Sometimes they'll have you put a code on an inner page of the client's site but I'm sure there are other ways they do it as well.

And I'm sure in non-spammy categories like orthos, it's easier than it is with some.
just wanted to add what Google is requiring to Verify GMB:

Thank you for contacting Google My Business support today, regarding verification! My name is Jacqui and I'll be assisting you with this concern.

At this time and in order to troubleshoot your problem, I'll just need a bit more information from you.

Could you please respond to this email with the following information:
- Please CC a email from the company domain
- Clear photo, displaying the storefront of the business
- Clear photo, displaying the signage

Once I've received that information, I'd be happy to continue looking into this for you!
Wow! Canada Post is actually petitioning right now to switch everyone to post office boxes, either at the post office or streetside POboxes so they can keep mail delivery costs down. I hope this doesn't cause a huge problem for Google in the future...
It wouldn't if Google allowed for postal and physical addresses on the map and used the physical address for routing/display and the other as a contact reference.

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