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Oct 14, 2012
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Hi All,

I know there has been much discussion about which version is best to use, but with all the latest changes happening in Google lately, I thought I'd weigh in on 'today's' general consensus on suite number.

We have a client who has substantially more citations when using STE instead of # or Suite.

There are no reviews and few rankings associated with the Google Plus local page, so I'm tempted to change it to STE to match the citations, but I remember Linda once saying Google never uses STE.

Also the mapmaker guys have always said to spell it out completely.

Here's the landscape we're facing:

- The Google Plus local listing shows # (this is in the new updated dashboard as well)
- Mapmaker shows no suite at all.
- The vast majority of citations show STE. (12,800 vs. little to none displaying with other variations)

What would you suggest? If we keep it as is, should all citations be updated as well or does Google now know STE and # means the same thing?

Thanks in advance for your input!
Hi Kristen,

Just do your best to be as consistent as possible with it. I don't think it would be worth your time to go and attempt to change it everywhere it's listed.

No matter how hard you try, Google and 3rd party directories will change the formatting of the address to suit their own needs.

Just keep on feeding consistent formatting and don't worry so much about how it's translated once it gets there.
Yep Colan gave good advice.

I would not change the dashboard formatting for obvious reasons UNLESS it's wrong.

I think the Map Maker experts say either spell out or I think they even say Google prefers #. But yes I would never change it to STE.

So I'd leave # in dash, build any new ones with # and if you are worried about it, maybe change just some biggies that have STE to #. But Google is pretty good at figuring out abbreviations.

And like I told you in training I've never seen her scrape, create a new listing OR create a dupe with STE even if most of the citations are for STE. So I think she know that STE equals suite or #. Also STE is pulled from the yellow pages usually and is often the USPS designation. But Google maps does not use mailing addresses it uses physical addresses, so that's part of the reason she maybe does not use the USPS format in this case.
Thank you Colan and Linda!

For ONCE in local, the answer is actually the easiest option. As always, I really appreciate your input!!!
As I mentioned in this post, a GMM reviewer told me that (for GMM edits at least) I should just use the raw suite number and that I should not include an descriptor such as suite, ste, office, etc.

Apparently Google would accept the # sign in front of the raw number, too.

So, I have a client with an address that uses "Stop 3" in it.

Before I go wild and sync all their online listings to use either "#3" or "Stop 3"... I wish to get some input from ya'll.

The USPS website shows that 'Stop 3' is proper ... but one of their business licenses that I have doesn't show any Stop # at all.

If I put "Stop 3" in the Google Places dashboard on the 2nd address line... Google 'may' convert it to #3 in GMM.

Should I attempt that edit first to see how Google handles it... or should I just go ahead and use 'Stop 3' in all of my citations... and trust that Google will interpret it correctly. (Though it might display #3 in the listing or GMM, it would have Stop 3 in my dashboard, so it could be considered a match)

Another thought is the 'Stop 3' may be part of the MAILING address and not necessarily part of the PHYSICAL address... how would I know?
Ya that last point is key because Google does not go by mailing address but by physical address.

If I were you I'd go ask in the MM forum. Although occasionally Flash still stops by, so he may see this thread. I'd still ask there though to maybe get a few people's advice on best way to handle.

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