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Nov 3, 2020
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2 part question

1) I have a new client that has an epic mismatch of addresses and address format on the internet. I have done an extensive audit of their backlink profile and while a majority of his citations and directories have different information, about 1/3 of them follow some sort of format of the listing on the website that includes Suite spelled out.

Here is the issue:

USPS has their address with STE
Their website and the majority of backlink profiles have Suite spelled out
Their successful GMB listing has # instead of Suite

I know it is a small change but am nervous about updating anything on GMB right now. Should I try to update all of his listings with the # and follow the existing GMB format or update GMB to Suite or STE to follow the bulk of backlinks.

2) The main attorney has his name in the title before the firm name "Joe Attorney New England Family Law" he wants to remove his name so that it is just a firm profile. I would like to do this as well and set up attorney GMB profiles for everyone in the office but again I don't want to fix it if it is not broken. Should I leave as is?

Thank you for any advice!
I am not a pro and will wait for them to comment. But I thought that didn't matter anymore. Suite, Unit, #, etc. I thought years ago it was determined that Google didn't care any longer and making it all the same did not help like it did in years past.

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