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Aug 2, 2016
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So, recently, someone moved over to us from another agency. After poring through all the data, I noticed that they were big fans of creating web 2.0 profiles and adding content in there.

And from the looks of it, it seems to have worked.

Of course, they had a little of real backlinking sprinkled in there as well, but it was probably 80% of web 2.0 properties.

Is this for real?
What are your thoughts?

(To those in south, happy Thanksgiving!)
Indeed, many agencies build fluff links on "Web 2.0" sites. Their link-getting efforts don't extend far beyond that. I wouldn't say they're hurting their clients, but there isn't much benefit in getting links that anyone and his grandma can get.

A few reasons some of these agencies go so heavy on lightweight links:

1. To benighted clients, it looks good on paper. "Hey, we build 55 links for you this month!"

2. It doesn't involve the client personally. All the client has to do is write the check to the company. (Of course, those clients quickly hit a wall on local SEO. But that's another story.)

3. Aside from the question of whether it's the best use of time and resources, there's no harm (that I've noticed) in a bunch of Web 2.0 links. Generally, they're not so lousy that Google will penalize you, partly because in theory there are non-SEO, non-link-related reasons someone might create profiles there. The agencies' thinking is having those links is better than having none at all, and to a certain point I'd agree.

4. They don't know what else to do with those billable hours. (See point #2.)

Anyway, my view is Web 2.0 fluff has its place in the world, but your link-finagling efforts shouldn't begin and end with it.
I'm would avoid these because even though Penguin doesn't demote for them anymore, you can still get slapped with a manual penalty. I find the more you have, the more likely you'll get caught.
I would stay away from them. That time and effort is better spent in getting links that a) is hard for everyone else to get and b) somewhat popular (sliding scale for local sites of course).

Local links with lower DA > niche links with higher DA imo
Thanks guys.
Pretty much echoing the thoughts I had, but I was surprised to see it working well.
Spam works fantastically, until it doesn't :/
Had one business that was using a lot of these profile links with the typical spam profile of one post that included the link back to the business - usually copying a lot of the text straight from the target landing page.

Their visibility was going nowhere. Once I discovered these in an audit, I disavowed and their visibility has improved.

YMMV, but it's one of the lazier tactics that is easy to mess up with.

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