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Jun 28, 2012
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<a href="" title="Right Brain / Left Brain by JASE Group LLC, on Flickr"><img src="" width="437" height="465" alt="Right Brain / Left Brain"></a>​

Unfortunately a creative mind and an analytical SEO mind, often don't live in the same body.
Most people are gifted with one or the other, but not both.

Some of you may have noticed, I'm really into graphics. But if you know me REALLY well you know, I'm not very detail-oriented and analytical. One of the many reasons I got out of doing SEO myself for clients.

However, no matter how visual I am and how much I love graphics, I'm not an artist by any stretch.
So I LOVE graphic tools that help me create nice visuals.

Just discovered and nice list of resources from SEO Book. Found a couple new ones I had not seen before.

<a href="">Web Design Resources for Non-Designers</a>

Most of you are too busy monitoring Google's latest algorithm updates, examining web analytics, and building links and content to stay up to date on the design world.

Usually, creative people who excel at design aren't very good at the left-brain thinking required to succeed in the highly-technical search engine optimization industry. Likewise, very few people with the analytical mindset required for search engine optimization would do well in the free-spirited design industry.

Some good ones in that list, so head over to check it out.

I have lots of design tricks and tools I use, because like I said, I'm not an artist. Here is one.


Some of you have seen some of the animated gifs I've done for posts. The tool I used to created that one is: Presenter Media, which is a service you have to pay for, but it's very affordable.

I have a whole huge bookmark folder filled with design tools and quickie online graphics tools. Let me know if interested and I'll try to sort through and find a couple other good ones.

What are some of your fav design tricks and tools???

Image Credit: <a href="">JASE Group LLC | Flickr</a>
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