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Oct 17, 2018
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Been seeing a weird glitch with some of our clients' Google Maps listings lately. We have a handful that we are listed as "Owner" on (the client is Primary Owner of course) and so we get notified whenever someone (a scammer usually) submits a Change of Ownership request for the listing. Normally this is no problem we simply reject it, notify our client, and move on. The last couple days though, about ~30% of the ownership requests we've gotten take us to this page when we click the "view request" option in the notification email:
Google Page.jpg

Now this is obviously not the correct page to be directed to, but I'm not sure what it actually is. It almost looks like a login page for the back-end of Google an employee would use or something. Anyway, Just curious if anybody else has seen this or has any extra info on what this page is or if it needed reported to Google Support that this is happening.

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