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Jan 14, 2014
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Hi All.

Here's a site that's puzzling me.

Searching for "optometrist in austin" (a fairly competitive area), you'll see this.


The site (highlighted) has no backlinks. The website itself is nothing from a design/user experience perspective. They don't have Google publisher set up. They don't have more reviews than their competition, their page isn't particularly optimized (description reads like an ad, no profile picture, no cover photo...) Their website homepage title tag is over optimized...They're not near the center of town...

Might be an interesting case study to look at...since they're #3 in organic and A in Local.

They are using Open Graph...

The domain age close to 6 years old, and in internet time that's ancient.
He also has 100,000+ views on his local page.

My experience is that aged g-local listings will rank like a beast regardless of the content in them.

Old domain + old g-local listing + more local focused pack rankings (thanks to pigeon) = His placement.
Great point about the domain age.

The doctor has 92 reviews on Yelp, with an average 4.5 stars. But it's not a page for the business, just for the practice.

Thanks for your input, guys.
I saw a consistent #1 drop to #2 after Penguin and the only thing I can guess is the number of reviews. My guy has only a couple but the #1 has 10 5 star Google reviews in 1 year and has reviews everywhere.

These guys said it well.

I'm not seeing Li Wang in the organic results, but a few other factors he has going for him:

1. Plenty of Google reviews.

2. He's using a "descriptor" in his Google Places name ("Optometrist").

3. Pretty clean citations.

4. "Optometry" in the domain name. (Yes, that is still a minor advantage, even after Pigeon.)

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