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May 3, 2019
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Hello all.

I've been working for several months now to try to get a competitor's listing removed from Google Maps.

They are using the address of a co-working space in town, which is in violation of Google's guidelines. "Businesses can't list an office at a co-working space unless that office maintains clear signage, receives customers at the location during business hours, and is staffed during business hours by your business staff." If you look at the website of the co-working space that they are using, you'll see that this is not the type of place where a business can rent out a space to receive customers 8AM-6PM Monday-Friday. I've been able to get this same listing suspended in the past for using an address that they don't own, but they have since popped back up with all of their original reviews, etc.

I've already submitted a redressal form with Google to try to get them removed. After a few weeks, no action was taken, so I moved to the GMB Support Forum and posted there. I never received any help and it's been about a month since I posted to the forum. I was hoping to get more eyes on my case and see if anyone could help escalate it.

Link to my forum post: Well Established GMB Listing Using Fake Address - Need Help Taking Down - Google Business Profile Community
Redressal Case ID: 7-0748000031620

If anyone could escalate this case or let me know if I'm missing any information, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much!
It looks like that thread has been locked since it's over a month old. Can you create a new one at the GBP forum and share that link back here?
Awesome, I'm glad you were able to get it posted. I replied over at the Google forum.

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