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Aug 13, 2012
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I keep on reading on Odesk how sellers are creating MyMaps for for google places and selling it as a service it seems to work for higher placement. According to a few people who have bought them.
This used to be a popular local spam technique and back in the old 7 pack days MyMaps were a ranking factor and could give a boost. I used to build one or 2 for clients in a couple different trick ways, just to strengthen trust in their location - sort of like a citation. Nothing spammy, just one or 2 and it seemed to help - for awhile.

I witnessed some Chiropractors a couple years ago that would try to leapfrog each other in the SERPS in part by having cheap overseas labor build a bunch of MyMaps. At one point one of the Chiros had 1,000 MyMaps.

But I highly doubt MyMaps are a ranking factor any more and have had discussions with leading pros who think the same. Likely lost favor with Google as a ranking factor due to all the abuse. It was just too easy to game.

I think people are just selling a bogus out-dated service, SAYING it helps even though it does not any more, to folks that don't know any better.

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