Feb 5, 2013
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Hi All,

When I was thrown into the Local position a couple of years ago it was right around the time that on-page factors began having an impact on Local results. So my question is what are the traditional web search ranking signals that Google says Local search results are tied to now?

Are the traditional web ranking signals "before my time"? Or am I overthinking this.

Apologies if I have missed the thread that discusses this!


Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
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Amber traditional SEO is much of what I taught you in the on-site Local SEO Training.

But I really focus on the ADDITIONAL things specific to local.

Traditional ranking factors, there are rumored to be over 300.

Some of them besides all the on-site stuff we covered in training are things like domain age, domain authority, page speed, freshness, click through rates from the SERPs, stick rate on the site and backlinks.

HOWEVER the pigeon update is NOT from I can see yet, that much about traditional SEO signals. The results now don't even match up with the pure organic ranking order as much as they used to before.

So as I've said a few times in the 2 main pigeon threads - this algo does not even make sense. No matter how you analyze it, the results are just crazy and unpredictable. But this algo is also still in major flux and has not settled down yet.

For example if it's about traditional SEO factors then why are unclaimed G+ L listings with NO WEB SITE AT ALL ranking? No reviews either. Or expired domains that are just a parking page?

So as I said in my Pigeon Damage Report post. Just keep working on all the best practice stuff you can til Google sorts this one out.

Tammy Wood

Aug 2, 2014
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Absolutely agree with Linda. There is no rhyme or reason to Pigeon yet. *sigh*

Traditional SEO ( aside from Local) are just to follow the best practices, the algorithms are a mystery.

Do quick site audit to make sure you are doing everything properly, in addition to Local SEO.

Unique titles & descriptions, useful navigation, valuable and unique content, reading level appropriate to your target demographic. Keyword density ( check for over usage or vagueness).

Off Site Audit should include, review your inbound links ( remember these are internal links as well), is your anchor text descriptive and reflective of the landing page it's linking too, are there too many external links?

Incoming links, using GWT you should be able to see what domains are linking to your site, are any screaming BAD! If so, work with the webmaster of that domain to remove them.

Now, back to pigeon poo! If you know your page is optimized, you've followed all the rules and applied Linda's advice, wait it out and we are all trying not to panic! :eek:
Feb 5, 2013
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Thanks! I had a feeling I was overthinking it just didn't want to miss out on something I may not have read about.

I definitely agree with you on continuing best practices. The best practices you discuss in your training is ultimately improve the User experience. And that's what helps to keep me grounded (and less anxious in times like this) is keeping my focus on the User and what they need/want and not making a change simply b/c it's considered a ranking signal/factor.


Thanks so much for your post! I really appreciate your suggestions coming from someone who is Site Audit Level::confused:
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