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Oct 27, 2023
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What caused 196k views on a GBP posted pic in 10.5 months?

I posted 2 pics without text of a meal I got from a foodtruck on their GBP during the same week I was talking to them about doing seo work on their GBP.

One image has been going viral for 10.5 months with 196k views averaging over 600 views a day and the other has just over 2k views total.

WHAT COULD HAVE POSSIBLY CAUSE THIS VIRALITY? Cause I would do much more of it if I knew and you can to if we figure this out.

They didn't hire me and have only been a couple other times.

I'm guessing GBP is showing it on the "The Latest" section or "Update" tab.

If you understand it where is it showing and is it helping the business get more views on their page/customers?

It's being flagged as the featured image for the location. So when you search for the business name, that image is likely showing up.

I have a handful that have broken through the 200K range, some that I would never have expected to be a top image for the location. Basically, your views go up if it's the top image, or if it's one of the first few images that someone sees when they click the location.

Better images usually mean better placement.
I agree with @Conor Treacy - likely a featured image like the ones in this search. I could not get the image you shared to show up BUT I bet it does quite a bit if people search for this type of food nearby. To get more "viral" images like this, encourage more customers to post photos as Google loves using customer uploaded photos for these purposes.
I've had a similar thing happen for a photo, which now has 300k views. I wouldn't have expected it for an optometrist!

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