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Jun 6, 2018
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Every now and whenever I get emails from sites like this:

who claim to bring "targeted" traffic to your site, is this useful or not please?
Hi @mikepcservice, thanks for posting. In my opinion, paid traffic can be a good thing for your site if done correctly.

It's important to fully vet companies that solicit advertising services like this. In my experience, it's better to work with a company or agency that will spend the time to explain to you how they run ads, how they target users, and where those ads are running (what networks).

On the site you sent, this page explains they run ads on "popular" networks using keywords you provide. To me, this is not enough information as I would want to know what networks, what kind of ads, and other targeting methods they can/should be using (location, audience, demo etc.)

Also, I would be dubious of companies whose pricing is based on the number of website visits you'll get a month. This number is hard to claim without first knowing the estimated number of searches a month for your target keywords, as well as how big your service area is.

Hope this information helps!
If the big pitch is get traffic in 24 hours I am not going to listen to them. Anyone can drive traffic in 24 hours. The question is what kind of traffic? Does the traffic convert? Is it relevant to your site? If you are a local business will the traffic be local traffic? Buyer beware.

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