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Nov 19, 2012
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About 3 months ago a restaurateur relocated to a new site. They put up a new URL with the new address. They also somewhat changed their menu.

The current situation is somewhat messy. As of today there appears to be a redirect from the old url to the new url. With the old URL showing, an associated Map went up, a Local Graph went up but on certain pieces of info its mixed up information ie the menu isn't showing and the business no longer uses OpenTable for reservations. That info was pulled from the old data/url etc.

Old reviews in G+ were over 40 and a 3.7 rating. This is a place that "can" get great reviews. The operator is a friend.

I'd suggest starting over. Eliminate these old references. Connect the current url w/ G My Business...and start from scratch getting new reviews, plus building citations and references to the current site so as to show overall in G search.

Any suggestions??? Any insights??
One thing to try is, is submit a sitemap of the OLD URL, with 301's in place to the appropriate new URLs.
Tell Google in GWT you've moved. Give Google a bit to index the OLD site map, which will register the 301's.
Upload NEW site map to reinforce the indexation of the URL's based on the 301's.

The OLD urls will drop off in time. Access the Google+ page, update the information, verify etc, Google 'should' ( ha in a perfect world), reassociate all the information to the NEW website.
Also, update the maps location and make sure that what was in that new space ( physically) doesn't have it's own competing listings.

Clear as mud?
Good ideas. I'l do some things for this operator as a favor. He's a friend and I realized the other day that his current location is a "mess" in google. We'll have to sort this out.

Good ideas abt the 301's. I'll also have to look at the old link profile. Should have been something "good" the business was acclaimed for about 8 years before relocating.

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