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Oct 1, 2013
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I have two new SEO clients who were spending $175 a month with Local Edge, but they don't really know what Local Edge was doing for them, they just said SEO. I looked them up online and they seem to be an advertising arm of white and yellow pages? Ayone know exactly what they do (I find it unbelievable that a national organization can do effective Local SEO. Just thought this great community might be able to fill in my missing info gap! Thanks again everyone.
Here is a link to their SEO services page:
I've talked with a former YP salesman and he said they just contract that stuff out to 3rd party vendors. He said he was selling the stuff for $1,200 a month in the heyday but that his clients saw little to no results and it was a waste of money.

Welcome to the world of SEO scams.

I would imagine that's the same thing. Not sure what they could do for you in SEO terms for $175 a month.
I took a look at the sales page and there was no real content to it, thanks for the info to all our awesome forum posters. I do appreciate you all. I can help people with seo for $175 a month, by posting some content on youtube, bookmarks etc. There are a lot more clients at that rate than the 1200 a month ones.

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