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Dec 9, 2014
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As for now i am using expressupdate premium service, and to me it sucks, instead of taking out the old listing and correct it it adds another citation in same directory it is really a hassle and it is part of Yext power listing.

I need a tool and i am not saying for free that i can submit citations myself or fix the duplicates.
_ citation burst?
_ whitespak: The guys are too expensive
_ SEO moz: it does not mention anything where it submits and if you can fix the duplicats.
- any suggestions?
I don't know of anything that's as effective as e-mailing support of the citation sites, but would be happy to hear of anything if someone has a suggestion.
I know yext has the ability but still it is way too expensive. And some of these citations are just coming from the big data aggregators and there is no way to taking them off, either contacting the main source which sometimes it is really difficult, would love to have some ideas on this, anyone?
MozLocal is an affordable option and it allows you to optimize your listings on the data aggregators and it has the ability to get rid of incorrect data and dups as well -
I know guys that do it for around $.50 - $1.00 per site update, with maybe a few hours of auditing beforehand. It's also very helpful to add new photos and content to your business profiles while in there updating if possible - for this reason I would look into hiring someone to do the job manually and get the most bang for you buck.
Doing the job manually is something that i am doing, unfortunately some of the citations are in direct contract with Yext. so it is really hard to get to their customer support and have it removed.
I would recommend paying someone who has a lot of experience in citation cleaning. Much like Liam Neeson, most possess a certain set of skills that get the job done that most people wouldn't think about. Also, most good citation cleaners will keep following up with those stubborn directories that don't seem to care about inaccurate information. In short, there are a lot of folks out there who know about Local SEO and can get things most people struggle with done a lot more simply for a very reasonable price.

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