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Dec 9, 2014
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Wondering if there is any good way to check your local ranking for a keyword, i mean on the map and local pack, is there any useful tool? or maybe i have to go inside cognito mode in browser and search?
Hi, At the moment I am currently using a keyword tracking tool called SERPWoo.

From the moment you put in your keywords and URL, it will monitor your rankings as well as the other top two pages of Google. So you can keep an eye on your competitors movements. It's quite cheap as well compared to other rank checker tools.
Jonathan, does SERPWoo track local pack results right? Cuz many of the standard SEO tools don't. I have not personally tried that one.

The most popular for local are



Places Scout (which is off the market right now but their new web based version is almost out)

And Authority Labs is one traditional SEO tracker that seems to do pretty well with local, last I checked.
Hi Linda, sorry I have misread. I thought gsmithmike was just looking for a rank tracker for local organic. No SerpWoo does not track local pack results. But it's really useful for tracking other local competitors shifts as it keeps a historical record of rankings from when you plug your keywords in.
Ya I didn't think it did local.

Ya he said local rank tracking on the map and local pack.
Linda, i have checked white spark, but i would like to know if it is accurate, as when i search for same keyword myself i see a different ranking in local than the one i use with the software. Is there anyway you can manually check the ranking and be accurate about it?

Let me know


We use Bright Local for tracking Organic and Local results. It's accurate and their customer service is right on the money.
Linda, i have checked white spark, but i would like to know if it is accurate, as when i search for same keyword myself i see a different ranking in local than the one i use with the software.

Since Pigeon lots of rank trackers are not reporting the correct rankings. Not sure if Whitespark found a workaround, but I thought they did.

Is there anyway you can manually check the ranking and be accurate about it?

Yes manually checking can be the most accurate. Just impossible to do if you have tons of clients.

Most use Chrome logged out or in incognito mode to minimize personalization.
Set location to the city the listing is in.
CC, co-founder of SERPWoo here. I just wanted to chime in to clear any confusion. Unfortunately currently we are not monitoring maps or local packs results. In the future we plan on, but at the moment that option is not available. We'll make announcements to our customer base once it does become available. :)
We use Rankinity and it is very accurate for checking local rankings. You can set how frequently it checks the keywords and it works with organic as well! You can also give clients permission to view their rankings as opposed to sending out periodic reports. I think it's definitely worth a shot, our team loves it.
Thanks CCarter, well does your tool check the organic ranking for a keyword/??

Yes, daily for and several international versions of Google. We also pull Alexa, Social Signals, pagerank, moz, Ahrefs, semrush, WHOIS data and other metrics for every urls within the top 30+ - some metrics are pulled daily as well- and display it in an easy to view format.

There is a thread about some of our features on this forum to get a better understanding of what we do and what you are capable of seeing with SERPWoo:
I'll chime in and give CCarter & SerpWoo a small endorsement. I've used the free beta version and it's surprisingly accurate when testing against other platforms and manual searches. It's a cool tool, and gives a ton of information. Like previously mentioned, does not track local/map pack, but its great to see rank change trends and competitive analysis.
1 vote for Places Scout here.

Does anyone have a free product they use to to check basic local rankings?

I'd like to recommend one to local businesses that can't afford to pay for a tool and only look at their ranking every month or so.

It doesn't need to be complicated. Just a "you rank Y for term X".

Any ideas?
With Rankinity can you set certain permissions for clients within the backend so they can just see their rankings?
I'm not really looking for a client reporting tool, I do that. I'm looking for a free tool so when a local business asks, "How do I check my rankings?" I can tell them, "Go to and you'll be able to do it that way."

Just need a free tool to recommend to local businesses that aren't my clients.
I just tried it twice and does not work for me.

Did seattle chiropractor - all results and it said it could find no rankings.

Then did seattle chiropractor for a specific listing that ranks on page one.

"No rankings in top 120 for and the keyword: seattle chiropractor"

Many of the organic rank checkers don't show local pack results anyway - they just show pure organic, which you can see using AOL or a couple other search engines.

But you need to see pack results to know where you truly are.

If just your own site or one main client site not sure why you would not want to just search directly.
Just be sure to set location to the city the listing is in.
Name is Linda. :)

And the site I listed was: siteIentered . com, so was not a real site, so would not rank.
I just put that instead of the actual url.

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