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Aug 7, 2013
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You're missing out on potential returns if your local search strategy isn't diversified. Don't get caught up in one or two platforms. Thanks to Gregg for the post.

Do You Have a Diversified Local Strategy?

I am often surprised when I hear a business or brand owner state, "My SEO or local listing position for my top keyword has dropped, and my revenue and sales are shrinking." With Google's recent reduction in local listings positions from seven to three, I hear this statement quite often. My response is often, "Adjust your mix of paid media or add additional promotional elements to increase lead flow and make up for the revenue shortfall from your organic elements."

Above is just a snapshot, so head over to read the rest.

By Gregg Stewart
Sep 29, 2015

So, how do you diversify your strategy???

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Thanks Justin, in these uncertain types I think diversification is more important than ever!

What about you guys? Are you diversified and if so how?

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