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Jun 21, 2015
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Hi All,

Somehow, the settings in one of my client's Yext account were edited so that the urls associated with each location are now the site's home page (for all 8 locations). It used to be that each location had its own page.

I can change this back easily enough. Question is - do I need to? Is it necessarily a bad thing that all of my local listings for all locations are pointing to the home page? Should I change this back to the way it was?

Hi Barry,

I normally recommend using the homepage. The main reason is because it has more authority than sub pages (most of the time). You also want to check to see which page ranks highest organically. If a service page is indeed ranking higher than the home page than you would have a case to use the service page.

So in general, I recommend home page, but always ask a few questions:

1. Which page ranks higher organically?
2. Will the homepage give the potential customer what they are looking for when they land on it?
Thanks for your answer.

So in other words, there's nothing wrong with having the local citations for every store location point to the home page?
Correct, unless the home page is outranked by the relevant service page and/or the homepage offers the user a poor experience, ie. it doesn't have the information and CTA that is needed to convert.

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