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I'm not sure exactly what kind of changes you had in mind for the site structure—it looks to be all right to me. However, the content on the pages seems over-optimized. I can tell you're using exact-match keywords in the headings, metadata, and all through the text, but a lot of it sounds forced or unnatural, and you could potentially get dinged by the algorithm if it seems like your content is prioritizing SEO over user experience. Using the driveways page as an example:
  • URL path is /dublin-driveways/ (over-optimized; don't need the city in the URL)
  • Page title tag is "Driveway Service in Dublin | Superiordrives | (353)12058109" - over-optimized, and the phone number takes up characters that you could use to include the full name of the business instead of squashing it into one word - Not good! No one is going to call the business after only seeing the phone number in the Google preview.
  • Meta description is "At Superior we provide Driveway Service in Dublin, we believe that a driveway is more than just a practical space; Call Us Now Call us (353)12058109" - Yikes! Very awkward wording just to include an exact-match keyword, plus there's a comma splice. CTA also repeats itself, which looks unprofessional. Don't need the phone number here either; looks spammy
  • Content includes awkward synonyms of your keyword: "Driveway Services in Dublin" is the H1, and other headings include "Driveways Services in Dublin," "Our Driveways Dublin Design Process," "REVIEWS FOR OUR DUBLIN DRIVEWAY AND PATIO WORKS," "Our Best Dublin Driveway Work," and "Have work For Driveways & Patio in Dublin ?" There are other places where "Dublin" is randomly added where it doesn't belong. Waayyy too over-optimized
  • Also, your canonical tag points to a different page! Landscaping Service in Dublin | Superiordrives | (353)12058109

So I would start with revamping the content to make it sound natural and professional instead of worrying about squeezing "Dublin" and "Driveway Services" into every possible nook and cranny of the page.

Obviously with Google's recent algo updates it seems like they're basically turning back the clock on lots of best practices, so who knows, I might realize I'm totally wrong in a few months when we start to see 5-year-old SEO tactics winning in the SERP. Thanks Prabhakar Raghavan!
Thank you Claire for the detailed answer to this question... can you tell me the best plastic for page optimization like title, meta, H1, and many other on-page factors ... please share any resource

but as you said don't use Dublin in the headings where I use it.

We optimize the page for the phrase " what we do and where we do"

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