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Jul 19, 2012
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Hi Folks,

I seem to recall a thread similar to this one started already but I was unable to locate it. I have a client who lost all his reviews except 1 negative review.

His Google+ Local listing ranks great, in fact it's in the A spot for the primary keyword. This client is making a huge deal out of this and he's venting his frustration at myself and basically thinks it's our companies fault that he lost his reviews.

We explained the benefits of posting a response to the review and we have offered advice on how to get more reviews on Google as well as on 3rd party sites. Nothing seems to help.

Does anyone have any out-of -the-box ideas that could possibly tame this Lion?
Hi Colan,

Yes, I've had these recently as well so I share your pain on this. First off, here is Mike's take on the dilemma which is always valuable to read:

What Should You Tell A Client When Google Loses Their Reviews – A 4 Part Plan | Understanding Google Places & Local Search

In short, it's almost like there isn't anything you can say to make it better. It makes that little disclaimer on the contract a bit more relevant. We can't control what Google decides to do and that is the way it will always be. Although, the client doesen't want to take that view.

One idea is you could point them towards the many posts venting about the issue so that they know that it's not just them. However, that could open up a can of worms, as they might get further fixated on the issue.

Any more ideas from anyone?
Nick provided a terrific resource on this issue (thanks Nick). Pay special attention to point #4 of Mike's article - about copying your Google Reviews so you can use them on your website if necessary. This doesn't help your situation now, but it's a good practice to implement with all clients..."just in case."

Travis Van Slooten
Hi Colan,

Sucks! I feel your pain. All I can suggest is sharing the big consolidated review problem thread at the G forum so they know it's a major issue and not your fault.

Or since laughter is the best medicine maybe try sharing this if they have a sense of humor left at all. Google Reviews Comicgraphic - Why SMBs Hate Google+ Local :p
Thanks Nick, Travis, and Linda!

All excellent ideas.

Linda, not too sure if the client would see the humor in the Comicgraphic but I think it's worth a shot ;)
Just thinking about all this stuff and how we break the news to clients, you "clearly have to have a thick skin" to work in Local SEO".

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