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Jul 23, 2012
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Hi Everybody,
This is my first official day as a moderator here in the forum and I thought I'd start a new thread.

As I see it, all of us here are united by a common goal of achieving high local visibility - whether that's for our ourselves or our clients. I'd like to get the back story, if you have something to share, because it's often our motives that glorify the achievement of our goals.

What would great success in Local mean to you?

- A kid sent to college
- All bills paid, every month, no sweat
- More people helped by your non-profit
- A down payment on a home
- A much-needed vacation this year
- Funding to develop new tools
- The ability to hire new staff
- The ability to rent a larger storefront

Those are just a few random ideas. What's driving your pursuit of success? What is that dream that you're thinking of when your head hits the pillow each night? I'd love to hear!
Miriam this this such a great post for the general Local discussion section, so I moved it here from the Breakroom section so it would get more play.

Would love to hear everyone's thoughts!
I would consider myself successful if I achieved the following...

1. Didn't have to prospect anymore because clients were finding me either through referrals, my online presence, etc.

2. Exceeded the expectations of every client I worked with

3. Was highly respected by those in the local SEO circles as not only an ethical consultant but also as one that "knows his stuff."

4. Was meeting or exceeding the modest income goals I have set out to achieve

Travis Van Slooten
Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts Travis.

Miriam asked about some more concrete goal type things, but I wanted to share something a little more esoteric or altruistic or, not sure about the right word...

But back when I was still doing hands on optimization for clients, it may sound weird, but I think some of you can relate - I worked for the RUSH!

I just loved the RUSH of getting a new client ranked
OR making a difference in their practice
OR solving a Places bug that was hurting them or whatever.

I worked for the RUSH more than the money.
AND I chased that rush NOT the money!

Does that sound weird??? :p
Travis - your goals are not only honorable and admirable, but look to me to be attainable! Thanks so much for sharing a little view of your ideals.

Linda - I know the RUSH! I would even say that your success may be owing to giving chase to it. Neat explanation!
Great topic, Miriam! I'd say I share most of the views Travis expressed. If we talk strictly "local" though, and if we talk "concrete", here is what I had in mind when I started a little over a year ago (in terms of concrete local search goals):

- Become a Top Contributor in the Google Places forum (why - because this is the only ACTUAL recognition that Google provides that is related to Places, there is no such thing as AdWords or Analytics certified, there are no Bionics as in the Webmaster forum, etc.)

- Be mentioned as a source by Mike Blumenthal, David Mihm, and Andrew Shotland (or at least one of them)

- Be mentioned in the same article with Mike Blumenthal and/or David Mihm

- Be interviewed as a local search specialist

- Be invited to participate in the Local Search Ranking Factors

- Speak at a conference

- Meet live Mike Blumenthal and David Mihm

I have practically achieved all of these, except the last one, which I am very sad for. I was very close to meeting David when I went to SMX West in February, but he couldn't make it down to San Jose, unfortunately. I have never been even close to meeting Mike (live), though.

And would you believe me when I say that when I started I didn't believe for the majority of these that they would happen within the next 3-4 years (and that was my optimistic estimate). I am also sometimes a bit worried because goals are what is driving you forward. I think it's time for me to set some further goals...
Nyag, you just came out from nowhere and SO quickly became known as one of the leading local experts.
I have to believe you owe your success, in part, to having those specific goals and working toward them.

So yep, you've arrived. On to the next level and more new goals!

Thanks so much for sharing that with our readers.
Very motivating!
Hi Nyagoslav,
I really enjoyed reading your list, seeing how you have accomplished almost everything you set out to do. I remember the first time I came across one of your articles, I thought, "Now who is this? This guy sounds smart!"

You are contributing so much to the Localsphere and deserve every success you've earned. Cheers!

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