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Oct 24, 2014
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Just wondering when the last Google places update was and when do you think the next one is? Looking forward to google collecting all the citations and reviews and hopefully pushing my map pack into organic search
Hi KingHamlet and welcome.

I don't think there are distinct updates like there used to be. In past we'd see a big enough movement where everything seemed to shift and we could tell it was an update. Used to happen on average every 6 weeks or so if I remember. But it's been a year or maybe 2 since it was like that.

What do you mean by "hopefully pushing my map pack into organic search"??? The 7 pack is always on page one organic. Do you mean your listing dropped out of the pack or off page one?

If you dropped off page 1, when did that happen?

Could be related to the Pigeon update that hit July 7th and still has most packs all shuffled up.
Hey Linda, it is great to finally talk to you, after reading your posts in the local forum communities.

For my situation, I am just wondering when go○gle last 'crawled' the citations/reviews made for go○gle places, so that the information can be reflected organically in go○gle, without clicking on maps. And I can finally get an serp increase into 3 pack.

Im guessing last September ~15, the next one is probably ~Halloween?

Yeah, im just sitting around, and waiting for go0g to catch up to the citations/citation reviews for my g○ogle places, so I can shuffle in :)
Like I said before, I don't think there are distinct updates like there used to be, so sorry, don't have anything to add.

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