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Jul 23, 2012
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Good morning, everybody!
Just an informal question to see which GMB support options you are currently finding to be functional. I recently saw someone mention that they were given the chat option when trying to contact Google about a local business need, but I have not personally seen that option in at least a year. So, what options still appear to you to be staffed (Twitter, Facebook, GMB support via email, GMB support via chat, etc.) and what are response times looking like for you these days (days, weeks, months)? Thanks for any replies!
Social support is still gone.

Email is available, and using that link above if you go through the steps sometimes you will get chat support depending on availability. Not sure the turn around time right now.
Hi guys, I just want to ask if anyone here knows if GBP (former GMB) chat or call support has been reactivated or is still Email only support? Thanks
Thanks for the reply @JoyHawkins

Hmmm I got EMAIL as the only option:


Do you have any workaround to get into the Chat option? Email support is too slow to respond, Thanks

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