Feb 4, 2020
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Hello Guys!
I have an issue with interpreting the trackering results and need your help. Any ideas will be more than appreciated.

On the images below the stats of the same business. The business is quite new and has a stable growing interest to it.

Suddenly 2th of October Whitespark rank tracker showed a massive drop down. While other trackers don't show any difference.
No suspension in GMB. No manual actions in GSC. The same situation with two more listings, but not with all.

Please help to understand the roots of such metrics.

GMB page data:






Jun 28, 2012
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LocalU Faculty
Aug 9, 2012
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Hello @Zhanna! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Took a look with our development team today and we identified a bug with Spanish language parsing. It wasn't affecting our campaigns in English-language countries, so it wasn't widely reported to us.

We fixed it up and your Whitespark Local Rank Tracker campaigns should be reporting correct data now.

Please let me know if it all looks good on your end now.

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