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Mar 18, 2020
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We are doing work for an orthopedic clinic at the moment. On most of the practitioner and location listings the "orthopedic clinic" category sticks, but for others, it keeps changing that to simply "doctor." I don't understand why this would be, as the word "orthopedic" appears in the business name on the location listings. It only happens a day or two after we change it back to "orthopedic clinic," maybe sometimes a few hours. We have full control over the listing, so I'd imagine it would be either a public user, perhaps a competitor, suggesting the changes or it could be due to 3rd party data. Which of these makes the most sense, or am I overlooking something?
Try mentioning that phrase verbatim, and adding some content about orthopedic treatments, on the landing page (probably the homepage). You may also want to throw it into the title tag.
How long has the orthopedic clinic been there? If not long, and a doctor was there prior, Google could be confused,using another citation to change. We've got a car dealer customer who moved their sales showroom down the street 15 years ago, and converted the location to their service department. Every time we choose "Auto Repair", google changes back to "Dodge Dealer".

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