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Oct 19, 2015
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The number 1 local result seems to have nothing going for it.
They have targeted the whole state of Florida and then hidden their address.
This places their marker in the Gulf of Mexico!
Their website sucks and it just doesn't make sense - but that is Google I guess.


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Hi Brandtastic,

Moved your post from down in Help & Support up to Ranking Puzzles where it's the best fit and will get more replies.

Don't have time to research now because I need to go hold down the fort at the Google Business forum since everyone is gone today. But hopefully some other pros will take a look.
Margaret, can you share the URL of the page that has the address displayed? I can't seem to find it.
Hi Colan,
No wonder you can't find it. it's not there now.
On Thursday, I searched in G maps by the biz name and there were two markers in the map - one in miami and one in the Gulf. As well, there were two businesses that showed in the list on the left.
Today when I search, there's only the one biz listing and one map area with no pin.
Should have grabbed a screenshot, didn't think of it at the time.
Data in transition perhaps?
Hi Priya
That wasn't it, but a good find nonetheless! Thank you for chipping in.
The other one matched the name exactly as the second link you've posted. I thought that might have been a glitch with Maps giving too much credit to the live listing. But since the page has gone, that shouldn't be artificially boosting that listing in the pack.

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