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May 26, 2020
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Will posting on GMB too often negatively impact rankings? Is there an optimal amount that you finds works for you?
It all relies upon what you need to accomplish with GMB. Diverse, fresh content will definitely help your business and great results were confirmed by profiles that posted daily.

However, once a week posts showed value as well. It all depends on if you have relevant topics to speak about or if you have some sort of promotion you want to talk about.
It wouldn't negatively impact ranking but unless your business has a lot of constantly-changing things like sales or promotions, I would say posting too often is a waste of time.
I think posting is an underrated feature for SEO, I've seen results right away. And while fresh/new is important, the posts stop showing after a week, so repeating the same content every week is a proven tactic. For my accounts trying to do a lot on GMB, we do 7 weekly posts and rotate, and it works in most cases. YMMV, vertical/competition of course being relative.
This is an interesting discussion. Would love to hear the opinions of the experts. I had seen in some mediums that GMB post has only a slight effect on ranking. Like, it is not that importnat. Would love to hear though if anyone has done any A/B testing regarding this.
@WilliamA are you attending the event that's happening today? I'm literally presenting on this later :)
@JoyHawkins Thank you for the heads up. This looks very valuable. Unfortunately, I wont be available at that time. Will look forward to it next time.

Good luck with the presentation :)

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