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This is more of a landing page than a theme per say.

I don't believe I've ran across a theme that looks like this. However, you can edit just about any theme to do this with columns.
I use Yoothemes for most everything I do because of the flexibility to do anything I want, but I'm a web developer so I can. I tend to stay away from themes that lock you up into their design and layout because they're too much work to unlock.

Matthew's article is great, but don't get caught up in trying to follow it exactly and lose sight of what you're trying to accomplish and why. There are other themes and layouts that will accomplish the same thing.
Be careful about basing your site on a free theme. There are too many issues to talk about at this point but do some research and consider basing your site off of a well supported framework such as Genesis. Not saying that this is THE one but do some research as there are a lot of articles out there about why you should consider using a framework and/or something like Genesis. Issues may include speed, seo optimization, security, great support, guaranteed updates in the future and a lot more that 'free' or randomly purchased 'premium' themes can lack.

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