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Aug 7, 2020
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It's still showing on the profile but not on search since the business was reinstated on September 15th.

Does this take time to reappear?

That's odd. There shouldn't be a delay to my knowledge. Is it showing yet?
Unfortunately not and ranks haven't fully recovered either. I'm not sure if I should contact Google as the listing was only recently reinstated and its legitimacy is a bit of a gray area.

Any actions you'd recommend?
Here's an example of it not showing. It isn't showing for plenty other businesses in the NYC area in spite of the information being added to the GMB profile.

Do you have another example of one where it does show up how you were anticipating it to look?
Have you asked Google support about it? I haven't heard of anyone else running into this.
I haven't as I'm worried about getting the listing suspended again. Support is a separate department though, right?
As long as your listing is within the guidelines you shouldn't have to worry about any repercussions from contacting support.

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