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Awesome share Priya.

Ya I am so tunnel visioned into G+ L I don't even pay attention to FB or post there or anything. My Twitter feed auto posts there but I never go there except to read my kids timelines to stay up with their news. I really should pay more attention to FB.

But most local SMBs already do, they just may not be set up ideally. So this is a great tip for them and hopefully will help a few consultants save some steps getting the review piece set up right.

Wow Priya, you are turning into a multi-tasking scoop dog like me. :)

You had a big training Hangout today, but still scooped 2 stories I didn't have time to even see yet.

Hey I really need a clone. Are you for hire??? :p
Priya, have you tried this with any AU businesses? I've followed the instructions a couple of times and not had the same results - don't get the map or the tickbox. Wonder if this is something in test for North America? Either that or I'm all thumbs today...
Aww shucks Linda, now I'm blushing :p (Just aiming to reach your high standards when it comes to multi-tasking and yes I am for hire ;) )

Margaret, I'm not a Facebook user per se so I haven't tried it out myself as yet. Entirely possible that it has not rolled out 'Down Under' as yet though.

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