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Mar 23, 2021
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When I search for a location and zoom in (and out) on Google Maps, I can see different places appear but how do Google decide who to show when you first land on the maps. My first thought it is the popularity of the place? I don't think it's reviewed as this seems to be inconsistent with who shows up initially or proximity to the location? I'm searching for "Swan Valley" on Google Maps and this is what I see initially but I once zoom in I see a lot more places. Thanks in advance.

I can see different places appear but how do Google decide who to show when you first land on the maps
that's the million dollars/pounds/euros question :)

I know @JoyHawkins did a study last year or 2 years ago if I am not mistaken.

In summary, the Google Algorithm chooses and there is one tactic or optimization to guarantee a place label. Especially because Google takes into consideration each user's "preferences", what it knows about the user.

Normally important landmarks, hospitals, restaurants, supermarkets show first.

However, if you are willing to pay, you can have a place label ad through Google Ads. There is a minimum spend, but you will need to contact your Google Ads Account Manager to set up.
Thanks for the reply :)

I think user intent likely comes into play as well. It's interesting as when I searched for "Swan Valley" most people going there would be going to a winery, brewery or restaurant and these are the main locations that show up for this search term. If I search for my suburb it's shops, cafes, restaurants as these are popular places to go to.

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