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Oct 23, 2017
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Would anyone be interested in seeing the biggest problems people have with agencies who provide SEO services? I would.

Which is why I'm conducting industry research on this topic.

My ideal target for this survey is a business that either (1) has hired an SEO agency in the past, or (2) has an SEO agency currently performing work for them.

My goal—I'm trying to find the biggest problems customers have, including:
  • What challenges do you have with hiring an SEO agency?
  • Do SEO agencies meet the expectations that are outlined in their proposals?
  • What has made you pick one agency over another?
  • What do you wish that all SEO agencies offered that they currently don't?
  • If you owned an SEO agency, what would you change overnight?
  • What are indicators you've met someone who "knows" SEO?
  • What are your biggest problems with the SEO industry?
  • Do you have a notable SEO agency story?
The survey is a quick, 10-minute phone call.

If you'd like to participate, please comment below and I will reach out to set up a time!
I hope lots of people take you up on this!

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