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Jul 25, 2012
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I have a client who tried to be proactive with a listing and now has the same address and business name listed under two Google accounts--both are pending or show as "active" on the dashboard but in fact are unsupported locations in Google (when you click on "see my listing"). It fluctuates between the two.

This plumbing company has a physical storefront (as much as a plumbing company has one) in Loomis, but they want to be in the Sacramento area in searches and bought a house from another plumber in Sacramento that they use as a sort of warehouse and visit once a week. Before we got to it, the address was set to show (so obviously the first thing I did was hide it!).

He has two Google accounts--the one I've been focusing on has the main Loomis address (no problems there) and also the Sacramento address, and my client used his personal Google account to apparently try to claim the Sacramento address---again.

My question is this: how can I shut down his claim on the address without dinging the other Sacramento listing? They've both got the exact same name, address, and phone number, so I'm concerned that if I shut one down, both will go. I'd like to have that listing completely removed from his personal account and stick with the business Google account...ideas?

Update: Just checked the Loomis address---I'm getting a "We currently do not support the location". Wah!
Well not sure I followed the whole thing and often these issues get REALLY complicated and I can't say for sure without digging in and researching everything which is beyond what time I can give in a forum post.

But I think I can answer your main Q. It's a MAJOR guideline violation to have a listing claimed twice in same or diff accounts AND can cause all kinds of other problems, besides pending and do not support. So you HAVE to get rid of one.

Yes if you click delete >> remove from maps it will hurt the main listing. They are likely merged so you can't do that.

But all you do it click delete >> remove from my account. POOF, it's gone from that account and should not hurt the main listing and could even help it.

The only thing that CAN happen, is if NAP is a little different when you release the one, it can sometimes sorta break lose and show up as a dupe on maps. If it does, then just use the troubleshooter to report it.

After you release the one you don't want. Then go into the good listing and do a POKE for good measure too.

Does that help?
You followed it pretty well---it was confusing for me, too! I'll try to remove it from the personal account of my client.

Thanks, Linda!

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