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Jun 28, 2012
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What do you do after you've covered all the basics?
What else can you do to move your client ahead of the pack?
Are you sure you've haven't left anything out, you could be trying???

Phil did another must read post yesterday. Wanted to be sure no one here missed it.

<a href="">20 Local SEO Techniques You Overlooked (Almost) |</a>

We local-SEO geeks talk about the same old basic principles a little too much: clean up your citations, don’t get penalized by Google, be mobile-friendly, earn “local” links, create “unique” content, deserve reviews, ask for reviews, etc.

It’s all good advice. I’ve devoted many of my blog posts in the last 4 years to unpacking that advice so it’s easy to act on.

The trouble is we’re repetitive. We’re almost as bad as the talking heads at CNN. We rarely move on to what you should do once you’re pretty solid on the basics – and there is a lot you can and should do.

(In fact, many of the overlooked wins can also help you even if you just started working on your local SEO.)

Here are 20 stones I find unturned way too often...

Head over to read the rest, then get to work on some of these tasks you might have missed.
Some of them could make a difference!

This one should go toward the top of your bookmarks!

Thanks Phil!!!

What was your fav tip? Any others to add?
Saw this one yesterday. Would certainly recommend to others to read this one....of course, the same could be said for anything Phil does.

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