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Oct 7, 2015
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So I initially listed my business at a virtual office and did some very light citation work.

Having read that this was a bad idea in the long-run, I switched over and listed my home address instead (my company's at this time had a head office in Toronto). I did a little more citation work.

Now I have moved to a new company and they want me to put their head office on my site (this is their head office and shared with many Realtors and Mortgage Professionals - see my other post here on this: Their head office is in the same city as me, so there is no need to use my home address and they would rather I have their address on my site as it looks more 'professional'.

So I am thinking of changing my address and updating it where I can - I have a pretty good list of all my citations, so I think this is possible.

The question is: do I change the address or start again - what would Google think about a second address change? The other catch for 'starting again' is that I already have 7-8 5 star reviews attached to this Google Plus/Google Business account...

I've seen at least one case that might be somewhat similar. He was moving from one state, moved for a month or two, then moved to his final 'new' city, and changed his business (photography) listing each step on the way. The business got flagged (though could have also in part been him making a second round of edits when his first changes didn't go through in a few days... this was before he talked to me unfortunately) but either way, it wasn't the end of the world. It took maybe a half a dozen calls to Google and maybe a month before things settled.

Either way though, since your name, phone number, website, etc. are all the same, and it's just the address that's changing (again), I think you're well within Google's TOS to be able to expect to keep your reviews:

One other little word of warning though... just because you've got your list of citations you've made, doesn't always mean your old addresses haven't spread a little farther than you'd expect. Do a little extra Google hunting for your name + old addresses once you've gone through your list, just to get a little more of a complete picture of what you might have missed. Might be an obvious step, but just figured I'd throw that out there just in case. You won't be able to manually change everything you find, but it never hurts to have the lay of the land.

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