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Jan 3, 2020
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I've got a business owner with 3 LLC's. LLC 1 is the original company and they don't want a GMB listing for it (thankfully).

LLC 2 is a Handyman SAB
LLC 3 is a Home Inspection SAB

LLC 2 & 3 have separate websites and do different things. LLC 2 does home repair work. LLC 3 only handles inspection work and gets most business form local realtors.

LLC 2 & 3 have the same address (currently a UPS Store, but I'm getting him to change and hide the address now) and they have the same phone number.

Because they have separate LLCs, websites and do different work, what else would you recommend they do to not cause a duplication problem? My first thought is to have them get another phone number for one of the businesses.

Anything else that might help? Thanks!
@TriciaClements, definitely differentiate the phone numbers, and do the obligatory citation work to back it up (so that it's not just a GMB page).

Also, ideally only one of them has a hidden address and specifies a service area in GMB. You may run into issues if the service areas overlap.
Thanks @Phil Rozek Unfortunately they are both SABs and service the same area.

LLC 3 is pretty much majority referral business from realtors and if he didn't have a GMB, I would probably tell him not to set it up, but he's had it already for a few years, but now needs to hide the addresses.

I'll check out the rest of his citations too and clean them up, get him to get another number for one of them and then I guess hope for the best.

If he really wants to focus on LLC 2 and not LLC 3, would you recommend I possibly close his LLC 3 GMB to not risk problems with the one he want's to focus on?
@TriciaClements, I'd just roll with the 3rd LLC. It sounds legit and, based on what you describe, would look legit to Google.

It's unlikely you'll run into problems if you differentiate the phone numbers and create that backstop of basic citations for each. Non-overlapping service areas would be ideal, but not essential.

The only other thing I'd suggest is not re-verifying both locations at the new, non-UPS address at the same time. So do one, and a few weeks or maybe a couple of months later do the other.
Thanks @Phil Rozek !

I actually got the client because a friend used their services but couldn't find their GMB to leave them a review and they told them they needed to have me work on it for them.

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