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Jun 28, 2012
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I've been working on my new expanded On-Site Local SEO course all month, should be finished soon.

But one thing I try to drive home in the cours is that since there are so many ranking factors now, over 300 I think, you really need to pay attention to everything! You can do the best on-site SEO on the planet but if there is something set wrong in your code or if there is something you miss like double H1s it can trip a filter and impact ranking.

So I want to try to start collecting and sharing more organic SEO resources like the one below.

Three New Free Onsite SEO Crawlers You Must Try - SERPs Blog

For example I discovered that our new Genesis based WordPress theme has duplicate h1 tags. That was a surprise to me. Google might consider this to be a trick to fool the search engine in the worst case and in the best case just discount the ranking value of your headline. The h1 is like the title of a book on the cover. You just have one!

Then I noticed the homepage redirect, a temporary 302 redirect that might potentially be a hazard.

Have any other free site crawlers to share?
Thanks for a great share, Linda.

I'm in the process of updating our initial site audit process. Great timing :)
Thanks, Linda! I'm looking forward to taking the Pepsi challenge with some of those web-based crawlers. I use Screaming Frog for quick audits and love it's simplicity.

But for large sites and other sites that have gone through several builds, I use Microsoft's free SEO Toolkit. You can drill down to examine every URL thoroughly and it's a great tool to use for redirect mapping. Used in combination with filters and conditional formatting in Excel, this thing is a beast. It would be great if it had more options - but hey, it's free with no page crawl limits.

Free SEO Toolkit

Note: The Toolkit does have a habit of throwing up some false positives, so the violation summaries are often inflated - especially on Wordpress sites.

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