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Jun 28, 2012
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Here are some great insights from Mikel Zaremba over at Radical Mustache.

It's written mainly to SMBs with some good tidbit for consultants as well.

3 Local SEO Secrets Learned Over Time - Radical Mustache

1) You Need To Pay To Consult With a Professional SEO

As a local business owner, if you are serious about getting your Local SEO up to snuff and beating out the competition then you need to ask a professional to take a look at your stuff and see where the holes are at in your boat.

Trust me, you have them, even if you think you don?t.

This is money well spent and you?ll have a pretty clear road map to implement into your plan when it?s all said and done.

Plus you?ll have insight and wisdom from a seasoned old salt.

If you are a Local SEO yourself and you have just jumped into this unique marketing method, drop a few bucks and let a 1 hour phone call catch you up on everything you have missed over the years.

Trust me, you?ve missed A LOT!

Head over to read the rest. I like his style and will be adding his blog to my feedreader.

And thanks for the link too Mike. :)
No problem, Linda. Thank you for sharing with your community and putting me on your radar!

You overwhelm my feedly with tons of great insight.

Thanks again!
Thanks for the great info Mike.

Now our feedly's are friends! :)

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