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Jun 28, 2012
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The news about the Google "Mobilegeddon" update struck fear into site owners far and wide. But the aftermath was reportedly not too bad and some cried that the update was overhyped and the algo didn't really make much of a difference.

But here are some stats that tell a different story and according to these numbers, the impact may have been greater than many previously thought.

Wesley Young from Local Search Insider reports:

<a href="">3 Months Later: Measuring Impact of Google’s Mobilegeddon Search Algorithm Change | LSA Insider</a>

The drama leading up to the change resulted in somewhat of a let-down when media coverage of immediate results reported only slight changes. But a couple of recent studies based on a broad look at the impact of Google’s algorithm change confirm the importance of mobile sites.

A study by Stone Temple Consulting that looked at over 15,000 search queries and the resulting top 10 results concluded that Google’s algorithm did give a big boost to mobile sites. Mobile site URL’s outperformed non-mobile URL’s in both a greater number of sites that gained rank and fewer sites that lost rank.

30.1% of mobile friendly sites gained rank compared to only 19.5% of non-mobile friendly sites. And only 25.4% of mobile friendly sites lost rank compared to almost 50% of non-mobile friendly sites.

Click both links above to see all the graphs and stats.

What about you?

Did you see much of an impact on your local client's rankings or traffic?
Mobilegeddon Was a Big Deal After All

Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ Was a Big Deal, After All
By Alistair Barr, Wall Street Journal
July 18, 2015


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