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Oct 22, 2013
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My Google + listing finally got five reviews, Yay! :)
But the stars are not showing up in search. I thought five reviews was the threshold to trigger star showing up in the 7-Pack?
5 is the magic number, all right. Is any of the reviews just a "rating" - that is, stars without a written review? That may be the issue.
Very curious to know your answer to Phil's Q.

I'll add that I've seen two cases in the last few weeks where listings with well over five reviews were not displaying the gold stars. In both cases, they magically appeared within a few days. So maybe it's a glitch, maybe it has to do with all the review related stuff going on behind the scenes at Google right now.
I agree with Colan, if you just got the 5th review then give it a few days and check back. Since going from 4 reviews to 5 reviews forces the review rating breakdown chart to pop up on the local page, there will be more of a delay here than with any other review you get moving forward. Just make sure to check the local page since the stars will appear there first.

To Phil's point, I've seen plenty of listings show the stars even if they have a review with just the star rating, but it could play a part as well.
Thanks for the all the replies! :)
I'll take everyone's advice and just sit tight and hopefully the stars will show up soon.
Got my stars! Happy dance! :p
Already getting an increase in calls!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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