Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Want to reach local customers via social media? Monitor local conversations in your area? Discover and connect with local influencers? Social Media Examiner shares some tools that may help.

Thought this might be of interest for Local consultants that do social media marketing for clients or advise them on it - especially for enterprise clients or large chains.

<a href="">6 Location-based Social Media Monitoring Tools : Social Media Examiner</a>

Geo-specific social media monitoring tools are different from the conventional keyword-based monitoring tools in many respects. For one thing, these tools offer a clear picture of what?s happening at a particular location, which helps you reach out to local audiences. Plus, they allow you to connect better with your community by engaging with local social media influencers and leveraging local hashtags.
reach local customers with location-based monitoring

Discover location-based monitoring tools to use for local social media marketing.

If you do social media for a company with multiple locations, here are some excellent tools to explore.
Head over to read the rest.

Do you do social for clients? Have you used any of these tools?

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