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Jun 28, 2012
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Are your Google Local Rankings "Hard to Kill?"

Detective Mason Storm AKA Steven Seagal, featured in the poster at the link below, would be proud of this post by Phil Rosek, my fav local search blogger.

I wanted to lift the pic and post it, but I didn't. So you have to click over to see it.
Be sure to read the great tips while you are there.

7 Ways to Kill Your Local Search Rankings without Touching a Computer |

There are a million online misadventures that can snuff out your business’s rankings in local search – in the Google+Local (AKA Google Places) search results and everywhere else.

Usually these fall into the category of trying to spam Google or deceive potential customers – and usually these attempts backfire. You can also destroy your rankings through sheer laziness – like if you never update any of your business information or never bother to understand Google’s quality guidelines.

You may be aware of what online actions can hurt your local rankings. Maybe you’ve learned the hard way.

But there also are offline ways you can kill your local rankings. Simply not doing anything stupid or naughty in your local SEO campaign isn’t enough. You can lose local visibility and local customers without ever touching your computer (or smartphone or iPad). To be more precise, I can think of 7 ways:

Good stuff? Any other thoughts to share?
" fav local search blogger"? Excessive praise, but I appreciate it. Thanks, Linda!

If Steven Seagal weren't so creaky and hadn't kept his hand out of the Cheetos bag, he might swagger over to your house and DEMAND that you post his picture in this thread!
LOL! Phil on both counts. The praise is well deserved AND Steven is not coming over! :p

I do like that pic though!
"If you’re in a competitive local market, forget it: without a site you’ll fare about as well as Lance Armstrong in a polygraph test."

Anyone think that's Too Soon? LOL:D
Big LOL. :D Missed that one! Phil always sneaks good lines like that in and when I have to skim for time I sometimes miss the good ones.

Thanks Eric for bringing that one to the forefront!
My favorite is #6!! Clients always feel like they built the website, the content is there.....why update it?? ever........! :eek:

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