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Aug 1, 2012
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From my blog

Well Google+, I've got to give it to you. You have 1 upped Facebook and the more I use you, the more you're growing on me. Here is something really cool that will help your plus page stand out weather it is a Local Business or personal page. Now it may not be unknown, it certainly isn't used near as much as it should. Have you ever tried adding an animated Gif as a cover photo or a profile photo? Check out what I was able to do with MY plus page. Yes I am a huge Superman fan. I tested it with a Google Plus Local page also. You can see it here: +Parliament Equestrian Center

Here are some tools to help with the process. Remember the cover photo needs to be bigger than 480x270 and the profile photo bigger that 250x250 is an online converter that allows you to take any URL from YouTube and spits out a gif. It also allows you to select a specific start and end to your clip. is also an online tool that allows you to re-size your gif to something compatible with Google Plus.

Have fun and ENJOY!
Very VERY cool Ryan. Thanks for sharing that big hot tip! :)
That is really awesome! I had no idea you could do that with G+ pages. Really nice work on this.
Very cool, Ryan. I can envision an animated GIF with a little finger pointing toward the "Write a review" button.
Thank you Ryan! I have been asking how to do that but no one has given me a clear answer. Thanks for posting.
Load times don't seem too bad. A little sketchy at first but once the whole thing loads, it runs pretty smooth. Here is one that I have done for a Lexus Dealer.
My internet here sucks. Still a thumbs up for this. Much appreciated.

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