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Dec 12, 2013
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Everyone here is so helpful to me, and I appreciate. I oftent don't feel like answering questions, because I'm certain someone here has a better answer. . .

But, I thought I'd share a recent win that I had with a client. It's kind of dumb, but, it worked.

I have a client that is a bank in the SW 10-20 locations total, and ATM's. We've been monitoring the ranking of the site for a while, and made some progress, but, I needed more. Enter the "Dumb win": (all names ficticious)

They have their ATM's in GMB, but, they were all named "NBCF - ATM" (not the actual name, but, the NBCF was an abbreviation for the full bank name "National Bank of California Farmers"). We noticed that for many searches, ATM's show up when someone searches for "bank".

So, we updated the name, changing it from "NBCF - ATM" to "ATM National Bank of California Farmers". The thinking was, adding Bank to the GMB name would probably influence the ranking.

Influence it did. Ranking improved considerably, and now the GMB for the ATM's shows up in the top 3 much more than before.

This is a win for the metrics. Probably something of a win for the client (The ATM showing up at least drives awareness of the bank).

But.. . .GMB name is definitely a lever to pull on.
I love this story. Thanks for sharing!!

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