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Aug 14, 2012
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Hi all,

I did a search to see if this has come up before. If it has and this is old news to everyone, my apologies.

I've noticed a common problem with new and updated listings:

1) In the case of new listings that have not had images before, the images never seem to go live after adding them in the dash.

2) In the case of listings with existing images that ARE showing up live, they vanish when I delete them (rightfully so) but the new images I upload never seem to go live.

In both cases, I have waited several weeks with no change.

In both cases, I was adding images via the dash, so they were UNmerged listings.

Here's what I did:

- logged into the google account that housed the listing.
- went to the front end of the listing and uploaded the photos via the photo's tab.

After doing that, the photos went live within a couple of days.

The only kicker is... I have not yet figured out a way to choose which goes in the larger square on the right side. I've tried a few approaches to get a specific image there, but so far the results seem to be random.

hmmm just had a thought... alphabetical order, perhaps? lol
Images are currently delayed 4 - 5 weeks or even longer. No idea why it's so backlogged.

What Jade often recommends if you can't wait, is the just to do a user edit and add images that way.
Have you tried that?

But to answer your last Q. I've never uploaded images that way, so am not sure what's controlling the order. Maybe someone else will chime in?
Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm now adding them in the dash and on the front end - is that what you mean by "user edit?"

Anyway, pics are showing up in a couple of days for me now, so it's all good.
Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm now adding them in the dash and on the front end - is that what you mean by "user edit?"

Yep front end, photos tab. I said user edit because anyone could add an image to the listing that way, as opposed to the dash which only the owner can log into.

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