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Oct 25, 2023
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Hi All,

I have a client who has a franchise in a different location but does not have a physical address. But he has mentioned just a fake address on citations .

he has a mailing address. Can we put the mailing address on the citation?
I wonder if the address should be the same on the website and citations. if not does it impact leads?

What should I suggest to them?

Please if anyone can help me to get into this?

and they also have 3 GBP with different addresses,I am using are franchise address.
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It will depend on the citation listing. Many directory listing places allow the mailing address, others want the physical street address. So if they're looking for physical street, then they wouldn't be able to submit there.

If they're using fake addresses, and you have an industry where SEOs are reporting fake map listings, you can find the location removed and potentially suspended depending how the reporting is done.

If they're not in a physical location, they should hide the address.
Thank you, @Conor Treacy .
Actually, they have a physical address but it's a remote area that why they want to hide the address .and even on the website they don't have an address.
I have suggested, they put the real address on the website and I will change the address on the citations .

Is that a valid advice?
Usually I recommend to also put the address on the site, but sometimes it can depend on the business.

We work with a company that serves Omaha, NE, however their physical office is in Iowa. No true diehard Husker fan would be caught dead inviting someone from Iowa to work on their house :) So for that reason, their business address is left off the website.

Under most circumstances, I put the address no mater what, but there are those situations where just the idea that a business is outside of "my area", and they are then "not local", it can put people off (even if local is only 5 miles away).

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