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Oct 1, 2013
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Hello, We are a Locksmith already verified in adwords, we are trying to get Advance Verification for Local Services ads for over a year now. We have an open request, but AV team will not respond. Should we open a new request? Will that put us back another year? I have spoken with LS over the phone, and they keep telling me to submit a request for an Update on AV Status using their online form and the LS Account ID, then we get an email from them and then nothing else. We were told they are behind because of Covid, any ideas on how to get an appointment, or even transfer over the AV from adwords?
Yes, and always I put we put our Local Service act number in the request (which is all in the Green) and the "Get help with Advanced Verification" because we have an open request with them which they had been responding to with emails such as; "You have to place an ad before you can apply for Advance verification" We answer back to them- you cannot place an ad in Local Services accounts, we already have Advance Verification in Adwords, but then nothing back except the same email sent previously every few months. The last response from them asked us to identify which google accounts we were using for ads, which we did, and we have not heard back anything, that about a month ago. I am just wondering if I should open a new request or might that push us back to the bottom of the barrel? Its like we got put into some kind of autoresponse, with no real people looking at our emails. I have spoken with our local services rep, and they have contacted AV in their chat, but we get no love. They keep telling us to use that form to request an update which does nothing for us.
Okay, thanks for the additional info. I would open a new request. They should have reached out by now and I would not be concerned about getting pushed back if you open a new request. Let me know if you submit a new request but don't hear back within a week.
We just got the same canned response as before that put us in a loop (there is a credit card on file in the Local Services account, and I did put the Local Services ad account ID, not the Adwords one, in the application) We do have an active adwords account in the same email address that has a credit card and is running ads:

We began reviewing your application but we came across one or more issues, described below. Please note that we cannot continue processing your application until the issue(s) listed below are resolved.

Note: Please respond directly to this email thread to avoid technical issues.

Account setup is incomplete

  • We tried to review your Google Ads account but found that it does not contain any ads and/or the billing account setup was incomplete. This is required for all accounts. Your account must be completely set up in order for us to review it. Please continue setting up your account and let us know when it's done, and we will proceed with our review.

If you have any questions, please let us know by responding to this email. You can also review the Advanced Verification policies and frequently asked questions.


Advanced Verification Team
Any ideas on what to do, this response seems to be confusing us with adwords. We already have adwords and AV in that account, this is an endless loop for us.
I would try using that same form but enter your Google Ads CID instead of LSA. Still go with the 'get help with Advanced Verification' option.
For the Topic selection I would go with 'other question or issue' and in the field state that you have AV approval for Ads in this account but also need AV approval for LSA.

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