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Sep 11, 2015
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I hope someone can help solve my problem. I am relatively new to local SEO so maybe it is just my lack of experience that is holding me back right now.

About 10 days ago I agreed to help a client set up a GMB page. I sent off for the verification cose which arrived after 5 days, Code was enetered om the correct page and soon after the page received its verified status. However whenever I go to the page there is a slim banner at the top with the message that the page is blocked because of potential spam and that I should verify it!. If I click the verify link it just refreshes the same page.

So ny question is am I verified or not? If I am , how is it that any search for my clients company name does not show up in the listings. I had not expected it to get into the 3-pack but it is does not appear anywhere in the 4 pages of listings that Google gives me access to.

The business is classified as a service where the owner does not have people visiting his address. Does this have an impact on the listing showing up?. How do i link the listing to Maps?


Would really appreciate some help.

Hi John,

There's a few reasons why your page could have been blocked - usually it means there's another Google+ page out there that Google believes to be the authoritative version.

Can you share either a screenshot of the dashboard - showing the business details - or the full business name / address?

To answer your other question regarding the business being a Service Area Business - this will not have an impact on the listing, as long as you've set the business up as a Service Area Business (under address make sure only the box re: serving customers at their location is ticked).
Hello priva

Thanks for your input.

As you can see in the link I gave out the page is verified... there is a green tick with the word verified next to it.

The details are as follows:

Business name: Cambridge Garden Design

Address: 34 Hillfield Road
Cambridge CB23 &DD
Cambridgeshire UK
Website: Cambridge garden Design | 01223 750782

There is another website with thesame name but the TLD is

If you need further information I am happy to supply and to give you access (privately) if necessary.

As you can see in the link I gave out the page is verified... there is a green tick with the word verified next to it.

No John, we can't see that link, only you can, which is why Priya asked for a screenshot from inside dash.

If you look at that link, just so you know, /dashboard is in the link, so only you can see it cuz you are logged in.

But usually if we strip off the extra URL parameters, we could see the page IF it was live.
BUT because it's disabled w just get a 404 because the page is not live.

But now that you've given us the info we need I found the problem.

You already have another listing at that address and can't have 2.

That's why the listing above is disabled. Wish you would have mentioned this other site and listing, could have saved us both a lot of research and typing. :)

Here it is: <a href="">Sterling Plants and Gardens Limited - Google+</a>

Plus that one has it's address showing which is a violation since it's a home address.

If you need further information I am happy to supply and to give you access (privately) if necessary.

Logging into someone's account, would be going too far for a volunteer on a forum and would cross over into enough work that it would require a paid consultation. But I'm sure Priya would be happy to help if you need someone to do a deep dive and help you get this sorted.

This could get complicated. If it was a name change it's tricky. If you consider these 2 different businesses somehow, Google would not. You can only have one of them listed. BUT have to do it right, and depending on the situation, it could get complicated.
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Thanks for your reply Linda - really appreciate the work you put into finding that other Google+ page.

John, as Linda mentioned I am happy to help if you do need some extra eyes on the situation.
Hi Priya

Clearly I need some help and I appreciate everything Linda has done so far.

It would be great if you could help me resolve this problem in the most appropriate way but perhaps we should do this outside the forum? I will connect through LinkedIn


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