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Aug 29, 2013
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We have gone through the Google My Business support and they felt that the review was not against their review policies, but there are so many inaccuracies about the particular business in the review that the owner feels that the review was for another company. The owner has left a response to the review, but they want to try to take legal action against Google to remove it from showing up on their G+ listing. Anyone had any experience with something like this?
It seems you took the right step toward answering to the review. Some reviews are not what we expect them to be, even sometimes people rush in leaving a review. sometimes the review does not make any sense, maybe the lights went off and phones are not working and just because you were not able to get the phone you get a feedback=) It happens all the time!!!

If you called Google to report the review already, i would just step back and try to work on getting positive reviews. One review should not stop you from trying to get other reviews or doing improvements in service.

If you had a nice well written positive comment to that particular review you are one step ahead from others in business. No matter what feedback you get, moving with a nice comment shows trust and reliability. It shows the level of care you have for your clients, or customers!

hope this will help.:)
Now I want to read this review. I can't imagine a review could be so bad and so damaging that a business owner would want to litigate the matter. Especially if, as you say, the review has inaccuracies. Those are the types of things that potential customers take into account.

As Gsmithmike said, concentrate on getting more good reviews. That's a lot of energy being spent on one review, you could re channel some of that energy and get 3 or 4 great reviews that would drown out the bad.

Good luck!

These guys' advice is what I'd suggest, too. Also, keep in mind that many customers' BS meters are pretty good. Most people can tell if a review is a fake attack or representative of serious issues.
Thanks for the feedback. Yes we have worked with the company to acquire additional reviews from their customers, but Google is using this false review as a snippet review in the Knowledge Graph box.

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